the Work

  • Recovery of degraded land by plowing and seeding of trees

From February 2003 to December 2011 over 2’800 hectares (28 million square meters) of degraded land in about fifteen villages in the province of Gorom Gorom have been recovered, and by improving the living conditions of about 25,000 inhabitants. The work of plowing have been contracted to Reach Italia – Afrique – Burkina Faso (

  • Increase of the GREEN in the Villages

The need for trees as windbreaks or shade dispenser is felt in the villages. During 2008: 770 Neem,
273 Baobab and 25 Acacia nilotica were   planted in the villages affected by the action of plowing.

  • Construction and repair of wells for drinking water.

New well to Konsi 1 and Gagara 2.

9 wells repaired (replace pipes, change filters, etc. ..) Wuludewu, Siloubé, Ounaré, Konsi 1 and 2, Gagara 1, Beiga Tamacheq.

  • Construction of “showers” (small local without roof) that allow women to wash away the indiscreet glances.

In Konsi 1 and in Siloubé.

  • Repaired the roof of the school Gagara 1

In collaboration with the Association of Elianto was repaired the roof severely damaged by the wind.