the Origin

” In Autumn 2000, meeting Dr. Venanzio Vallerani (a person sensitive to the problem of the desertification and inventor of a new sowing system for arid grounds –¬† on top of Pizzo Erra, marked my entry in the fifties.¬† So, to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, I decided to start a fund collection to finance the sowing of a piece of Sahel in Burkina Faso. The response to the fund request has been remarkable and thanks to the generosity of the contributors, on Februay 2003, together with ten friends (them volunteers as well), we set off for Sahel. With the money collected we paid plowing done with a tractor equipped with a plow “Dolphin” while in the company of my companions and the local population after three weeks of work we have sown 128 hectares (1’280’000 square meters) of degraded land with seeds of local acacia-trees.

On January 2004 we were again on the spot and could ascertain with great satisfaction the success of the sowings. Not to quit the project was therefore an inevitable decision. More, all this has triggered the birth of the Non-Governative Association “Desertoverde Burkinab√©” .

Born from a personal feeling, this project has been possible and can keep existing thanks to the financial contributions and to those volunteers who by either going directly on the site or working “behind the curtains” make the “desert growing green” a reality.”

Lindo Grandi, 2005


The association purposes are:


  • the promotion, the financing and the active participation to the recuperation of the soil on the Sahel zone of Burkina Faso, with special attention to the village of Khonsi;
  • the knowledge deepening, the technical improvement and the practice of the fight to the desertification through the direct sowing;
  • the divulgation of the knowledge and of the pratical results acquired.