Our association works to recover the degraded land, land that is no longer able to regenerate itself and that with the passage of time is destined to become sand. The people do not use such land in any case because the same can no longer grow nor grass nor trees and the cultivation is impossible because the land is extremely compact and thus cannot be processed manually.

Thanks to the plowing by the method Vallerani, the little rain that falls during the year is collected and stored and can penetrate quietly into the ground, the seeds of herbaceous essences carried by the wind start to work in the soil and grow vigorously, trees seeded  in the “half-moons” holes can feed within  them and develop strong and lasting roots.

Thanks to a resurgence of land cover the erosive force of wind and rain and the ground temperature fall, allowing the development of new habitats favorable to the rebirth of the land that would otherwise be destined soon to become “sand.”


The benefits for the populations are in part immediate: new pastures, reduction of the negative effects of water and wind erosion and in part to medium – long term: recovery of the herbaceous and shrub layer with renaissance of Savannah, expansion of pasture etc. .. ..

Results – herbaceous layer

Results – shrub layer


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